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Mushkin shows four new memory kits

by on24 August 2009


For the AM3 platform

Mushkin, a well known enthusiast memory maker, has announced four new dual-channel DDR3 kits which are specially tuned for AMD's AM3 platform.

All four kits are working at 1600MHz and will be available as a 4GB (2x2048MB) kits. The key difference lies in latency, voltage and heatspreader color.

The first two will feature a black heatspreader and will be a part of Mushkin's XP series. The first one, model 996657AM3, features 7-7-7-20 latency at 1.85-1.95V. The second one, model 996601AM3 will have a slightly tighter 7-7-6-18 latency at the same voltage.

The other two are a part of Mushkin's HP series and according to that feature a blue heatspreader. The first one, model 996659AM3 has 9-9-9-27 latency at 1.65-1.70V. The second one also has tighter 8-8-8-24 latency but at a bit higher 1.80-1.90V, and can be found as a model 996629AM3.

In addition to a bunch of other kits, all of these newly announced kits are currently shown at Mushkin's web site and can be found here.

Mushkin XP Series
Mushkin HP Series

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