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OCZ silently introduces new low voltage DDR2-1066 kits

by on08 May 2009


Overclocks like mad

We noticed that OCZ has silently updated its memory lineup with two new DDR2 kits, both working at 1,066MHz. The kits are part of OCZ's Blade and XTC Platinum series, have the same specifications and are available as 4GB (2x2,048MB) dual channel kits.

Unlike most other DDR2-1066 kits, these two are branded as a low Voltage kits and only requires 1.8V. As mentioned, both kits are working at 1,066MHz with CL 5-5-5-18 latencies. As their names suggest, the first one is cooled by OCZ's new Blade heatsinks while the second one is using OCZ's well known XTC Platinum heatsinks.

We did some more investigation on these new kits and according to a post over at the OCZ forums, these are quite an overclocker, at least as far as the Blade series is concerned. According to the post, the dual channel Blade kit can manage 1,200MHz at 1.85 Volts, which is by the way the Extended Voltage Protection (EVP) which means that at this Voltage these modules are still under warranty. You can find the forum thread here.

If all of these kits are like the one tested, these are some mean overclockers. The kits are both listed at OCZ's website and the 4GB DDR2-1066 XTC Platinum LV kit can be found here, while the 4GB Blade Series LV is here. Both kits are selling at German where the XTC Platinum sells for €63,90 and the fancy Blade heatsinks are a bit more expensive as it sells for €74,90.
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