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G.Skill shows its new Trident series

by on08 April 2009


DDR3-2000 Triple Channel kit

G.Skill has announced its newest Trident series, and the first kit will be Core i7 certified. The Trident series 6GB kit will have a new heatsink which is one the most interesting one that we seen in a long time, at least as far as design goes.

The new Trident series kit works at 2000MHz with 9-9-9-24 latencies at 1.65V. These are not the fastest ones on the market, as Kingston, OCZ and probably a few other manufacturers have kits that are working at 2000MHz with 8-8-8-24 or even at 7-8-7-20 latencies. Unfortunately we are talking about €300+ or even €400+ priced kits which are still too expensive for the average user.

G.Skill kits are yet to hit retail, but the precise date hasn't been announced, and neither was the price. The only thing known is that these will have a lifetime warranty.


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