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EVGA releases SPD utility for X58 SLI Classified

by on06 April 2009


Adjusts memory parameters

Just recently, EVGA has released an SPD utility for its X58 SLI Classified, which basically gives users the ability to experiment with a variety of different parameters for their memory modules.

In perspective, Serial Presence Detect (SPD) is a standardized way to access information about memory modules including timing parameters, speed, voltage, manufacturer, serial numbers and other useful information. The BIOS uses SPD data to properly configure memory modules for maximum performance. A popular example of this can be seen with Nvidia Enhanced Performance Profiles (EPP) which are common on “SLI series” sticks and basically designed to make overclocking simpler.

EVGA’s utility allows Classified users to share SPD data of their memory with other users, or to keep for future use. However, it does not allow SPD data to be flashed directly to RAM, but rather to the Backup ROM on the motherboard. If anything, this ensures “noob protection” and should give more peace of mind to those sporting the $450 board and some high-class memory sticks.

The utility can be downloaded here.


Last modified on 07 April 2009
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