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Intel believes high end machines need SSD

by on03 April 2009




Intel advises its customers that the high end system from Intel should have both SSD and HDD. For $1100 or more Intel propagates that a user should get Core i7 920, X58 motherboard 4GB memory, even that would be hard for Nehalem system that usually feature 3GB or 6GB. X25-M Intel´s mainstream SSD drive, 750GB HDD.

The same system should come with Vista Premium 64-bit and BD ROM or DVD RW. Intel admits that the graphics should come from discrete people but it doesn’t advice if that should come from Nvidia or ATI.

We also believe that an SSD drive and HDD drive strategy makes perfect sense, as the SSD can run the OS and games while the mechanical drive can take care of storage.


Last modified on 03 April 2009
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