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PhotoFast launches 750MB/s SSD

by on26 March 2009


PCI Express card solution

It seems as if PCI Express based SSD drives are all the rage these days and after a couple of slightly more industrial entries, Taiwanese PhotoFast has entered the market with a somewhat more consumer friendly looking device.

The PhotoFast G-MONSTER PCIe SSD as it's known might not match Fusion-io's ioDrive Dual in terms of performance, it's at least faster than OCZ's Z Drive on paper. The G-MONSTER PCIe SSD offers write speeds of up to 700MB/s and read speeds of 750MB/s. It's using an onboard RAID 0 configuration to reach these numbers and the card also has an unspecified amount of onboard cache.

The G-MONSTER PCIe SSD uses MLC flash memory and will be available in 256, 512 and 1024GB sizes. The specifications states that it connects to your PC via a PCI Express x8 interface, although judging by the picture of the card, it looks more like a PCI Express x4 connector.

So far no pricing has been revealed and it seems like the product is only going to be available in Japan initially.

You can find more details here (PDF)

Last modified on 26 March 2009
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