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24 Samsung SSDs in RAID perform past impressive

by on10 March 2009


53 programs open in 18.9 secs


We came across an interesting video that shows just what happens when you chain 24 SSDs in RAID. The SSDs are Samsung’s MLC SSD 256GB models and to say that the end result is impressive is an understatement.

The guys used two Quad Core QX9775 processors, two HD 4870 X2s in Crossfire, custom 800MHz FBDIMM RAM (4GB), two 1000MHz power supplies, and 24 SSDs totaling at 6TB.

The results as we mentioned in the title are past impressive, as after a bit of experimenting they scored past 2GB per second. Opening a bunch of Office programs took a mere 0.5 seconds, whereas simultaneous opening of all the start menu programs took 18.9 seconds (53 programs in total).

Defragmenting takes less than it takes an average person to search for something and deleting 5.6GB of files (700 in total) from the recycle bit took a mere flash. These drives combined can do 2GB/s which is significantly faster than anything we've seen before.

Our personal favorite was to see whether the DVD will fall to the ground when dropped from a window sooner than it takes to copy it from one location to the other. It took only 0.8 seconds to do that, and we couldn’t tell exactly, but we’re confident that if you excluded the move of the mouse, gravity would lose.

You can view the video


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