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Patriot announces new 8GB DDR2 Viper kit

by on31 October 2008


For the 64-bit loving crowd

Patriot Memory has launched its newest addition to the Viper memory lineup, the Viper 8GB DDR2 kit that features two 4GB modules working at 800MHz.

The modules are rated to work at 800MHz with 5-5-5-12 latencies at 1.9V. According to Les Henry, Technical Director for Patriot Memory, Microsoft's 64-bit Vista operating system is getting more and more popular for high performance systems, and those users with 8GB of memory will see a significant performance boost in today's memory intensive applications.

The new kit is cooled by Patriot's recognizable Viper heatsink painted in black this time and it is backed by a lifetime warranty.


Last modified on 01 November 2008
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