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Intel plans 160GB 1.8-inch SSD

by on11 September 2008


In Q1 2009

Intel plans to release an X18-M version of its 1.8-inch drive in 160GB. Currently, Intel is shipping 80GB versions of this tiny drive and at some point in Q1 2009 drive capacity will double.

We are not sure where can you buy one, and who might be the primary customer for 1.8 drives, as we haven't seen much of them in retail, so this is most likely an OEM product. We suspect that the camera market might go for such a device, but this won't be cheap.

At the same time, X25-M, a 2.5-inch version of the high-performance drive should get to 160GB already in Q4 2008. These two will be the biggest Intel-based Solid state drives for a while, and 160GB is definitely enough for most of the notebook users; and it looks that SSD market is becoming useful and serious for most users out there.  

Last modified on 12 September 2008
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