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SanDisk launches 30MB/s SD cards

by on28 August 2008


That's read and write

With ever increasingly fast digital cameras which can shoot more and more pictures per second at higher and higer resolutions, not to mention the large influx of SD based camcorders, we're not surprised to see SanDisk launching its latest Extreme III SD 30MB/s Edition cards with read and write speeds of 30MB/s.

SanDisk is specifically targeting the high-end DSLR market with these new cards and as such the pricing isn't for those faint of heart. The 4GB card comes in at US$64.99, with the 8GB model costing $109.99 and finally the 16GB model is selling for $179.99.

We can see these cards becoming popular with a lot of professional photographers, as not only do they offer the possibility of enhancing the functionallity of high-end cameras, but they also allow for faster copying of images from the camera and onto a PC.

You can find the product page here
Last modified on 05 September 2008
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