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Elpida delivers 2.5Gbps DDR3 memory

by on13 August 2008


Another world's fastest

Here we go again; yet another company announces what will be the world's fastest product for now, until someone comes out with something even faster. Elpida has just announced its latest super speedy DDR3 memory with data rates of up to 2.5Gbps, that would be called PC3-25000 in DDR3 speak or 3,125MHz which is very fast, considering that current DDR3 memory is just touching PC3-16000 (that's 2,000MHz to you and me).

Another advantage of these new modules is the fact that they can operate at multiple Voltages making them ideal for laptop usage, as not only do they accept the standard 1.5V of DDR3 memory, but also 1.35 and 1.2V. The downside is that with lower Voltage you get less performance, but judging by the speed of these modules, but even at 1.8Gbps or PC3-18000 at 1.2V these DDR3 chips are blisteringly fast.

The new memory chips use copper interconnects rather than aluminum, which is found in most memory chips today and this is part of the reason why Elpida has managed to push up the memory speeds so high.

These new memory chips could easily become a new favorite with overclockers, as the low Voltage combined with high clock speeds should definitely be something that should appeal to this group of users. It's good to see that Elpida has gone straight for 1Gbit chips, as that means that we will hopefully see some large capacity memory modules with these chips fitted to them.

Now all we have to do is wait for the production to ramp up and some of our favorite memory manufacturers getting their hands on some of these chips for some seriously fast memory and with sample shipment s starting this month, the new modules will hopefully not be too far away.

You can find the press release here.
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