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Samsung enters mass production of 128GB SSDs

by on09 July 2008


MLC based drives

Samsung has started mass producing MLC based SSD drives with capacities of 128GB, with 64GB drives already being in mass production since earlier this month. The drives will be available in 1.8 and 2.5in form factors using a SATA II interface.

The drives use MLC or multi-level cell technology, which allows for more data to be stored per cell in the flash memory. The new drives feature a write speed of up to 70MB/s and a read speed of up to 90MB/s, which is close to that of SLC drives which so far offer better performance than MLC drives.

Samsung claims the drives use a mere 0.2W in standby and 0.5W during operation, which should make them more power efficient than any other SSD drives on the market today. Samsung also claims that their new 128GB drive has an expected lifespan that's 20 times longer than your average 2.5in hard disk drive which averages 4-5 years.

Samsung is looking at introducing a 256GB SSD drive by the end of the year. No pricing was announced for the new drives, nor any retail availability date.

You can find the press release here

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