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Intel working on SSD for Montevina

by on23 May 2008


Will start at 80GB?

According to Digitimes, Intel is intending to bundle its SSD drives with the next generation Montevina Centrino platform which is schedules for launch some time in Q3 this year. The product in question is meant to be the Intel High Performance SSD, and Digitimes claims that we'll see these drives in mid-range, high-end and corporate notebooks.

The model names of the SSD drives are supposed to be Client X25-M and Client X18-M, with the first being a 2.5-inch drive and the second a 1.8-inch drive, both with a capacity of 80GB and SATA interface.

Considering the current pricing of even a 32GB SSD drive, it'll be interesting to see what price range Intel is planning to place its 80GB SSD drives in and if it will be competitive against traditional hard drives.

Digitimes also claims that Intel plans to have a 160GB model out by the end of the year and 250GB drives in 2009. Sounds a little bit optimistic to us, but it is Intel we're talking about here, so anything is possible.

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