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Hard drive prices hit new low

by on19 May 2008


750GB for €75

seen the average price of storage drop significantly in recent years and today we stumbled upon a new HDD pricing milestone, a €75 750GB hard drive, here.

At just €0.1, or 10 eurocents per gigabyte, Samsung's 750GB SpinPoint F1 with 32MB of cache is the cheapest of the lot. This, for lack of a better word, is a ridiculous price. True, the industry is pushing capacities up without much improvement in performance. However, at these prices, coupled with good RAID support appearing even on the cheapest motherboards, you can easily boost performance without spending a fortune.

Last year's best buy capacities were 320 and 500GB, and this summer 640 and 750GB models will be the ones to go for. You can never get enough storage, as new technologies and trends are constantly fueling demand for more HDD real estate. While a couple of hundred GBs were enough just a few years back, hungry apps, games, and most of all HD video and other multimedia content, are making us change our habits. If you're keen on putting together an HTPC you'll also need all you can get, as an HTPC's hard drive tends to get cramped in no time.

What's worse, in the good old days of 80 or 120GB HDDs you could easily (and cheaply) backup your content on DVDs. Nowadays this just isn't an option, thanks to the relatively low speed and capacity of regular 4.7GB DVDs and the high cost of more advanced high capacity optical drives and media.

Basically, if you need more space, there's no longer a need to mess around - just get a new, dirt cheap hard drive or some sort of NAS unit.
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