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Corsair upsets German e-tailers

by on26 April 2008



We were quite surprised when we saw that some of the German e-tailers have pulled Corsair and its products off the front page of their Websites. Of course, we have immediately decided to pull out those e-mail contacts and get some inside information on the current situation.

According to what we could initially find out, Corsair Germany has managed to get on the bad side of the German e-tailers who had no choice but to go to full scale war with Corsair. We won't mention any names because we don't want to get those good people from Corsair in trouble. According to our sources, the whole situation is a product of a single guy from Corsair, or as one of our sources noted, his arrogance.

One of our sources close to the e-tailers was involved in the whole situation has sent us a short notice that the most important thing in their business is the sincerity of their partners, and that is something which one of the German representatives of Corsair just didn't have.

OCZ will likely benefit from the whole situation. The e-tailers are definitely angry at Corsair, and now certain German e-tailers involved in the war are doing a free shipping weekend deal if the order contains an OCZ product.

We will continue to keep an eye on this situation, and post more info as soon as we have it. You can find one of the retailer/e-tailer and the OCZ free shipping deal here, and we aren't talking about small local retailer/e-tailer.

Last modified on 28 April 2008
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