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OCZ lists three 2GHz DDR3 kits

by on16 April 2008


DDR3 at 2GHz finally available


When it
comes to memory, CeBIT was all about DDR3 and pushing it over 2GHz. But until today, DDR3 memory at 2GHz and beyond was nowhere to be found. OCZ is the first company to ship DDR3 at 2,000MHz. OCZ has also shown the Flex II cooled DDR3 kit that should be very overclockable, and as they have released these 2GHz kits, the Flex II cooled ones shouldn't be too far away.

German-based retailer K&M Elektronik AG has listed three OCZ 2GB kits, that will also be available as separate 1GB modules. The first in line is the OCZ PC3-16000 CL9 KIT XTC Platinum, and this one works at 2,000MHz with 9-9-9-28 latencies. This kit is cooled by OCZ's Platinum Z3 XTC heatspreader.

The next one is the OCZ PC3-16000 CL9 KIT EB XTC Platinum, and EB stands for Enhanced Bandwidth. According to the retailers' product details, this kit is optimized for Asus motherboards and when paired with one should automatically adjust the latencies to 9-8-8-28. Like the previous kit, this one is also cooled by OCZ's Platinum Z3 XTC heatspreader.

The last one comes with Nvidia SLI certification and matching SLI-Ready XTC heatspreader for cooling. This kit also works at 2GHz, and when paired with Nvidia's 790i Ultra chipset it will automatically boot at 9-8-8-28 latencies.

Both the Nvidia SLI Certified and Enhanced Bandwidth kits that work at 2,000MHz are available now for €219.91. This might seem a bit expensive, but this is currently the fastest DDR3 that money can buy. The first kit that lacks optimization for any specific chipset is available for €209.90.


Last modified on 16 April 2008
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