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TwinMOS to exit DRAM market

by on11 April 2008


No profit to be made

According to Digitimes, TwinMOS is looking at exiting the DRAM market, as with the current development of DRAM pricing, it's simply too expensive for the company to keep its DRAM factory up and running.

So far, no official word has come from TwinMOS about a possible exit from the DRAM market and considering that TwinMOS isn't even one of the really small players in the market, this is unexpected news, despite the current downwards trend in DRAM pricing.

Digitimes goes as far as to say that TwinMOS is looking at closing down alltogether, in as little as four days' time, with many of its employees having moved to Silicon-Power Computer. As TwinMOS also has a range of Flash-based products and some iPod speakers, we would wait for an official statement from TwinMOS before we'd say they're about to exit the market altogether.

TwinMOS has a Computex 2008 banner on its Website and if Digitimes is indeed correct, then the company is unlikely to appear at Computex as well.

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