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OCZ readying new Titanium modules

by on15 October 2007


Listed on a retailer's site


German retailer K&M Elektronik has listed OCZ's new OCZ PC2-6400 XTC Titanium modules and kits. These new modules work at 800MHz at CL3 or CL4, depending on the capacity. They will be sold as separate 1GB and 2GB modules, or as 2GB or 4GB kits.

The specifications look a lot like the new 4GB Reaper HPC that we wrote about recently, just without that fancy and cumbersome HPC cooling. The new kits will be cooled by OCZ's XTC Titanium heatsinks.

The 2 GB kit works at 800MHz with 3-4-4-15 latencies, and the 4 GB kit has 4-4-4-15 latencies. All of these specs are from the retailer's site, so until OCZ issues a press release we can't be sure. The 2 GB kit works at 2.3Volts with Extended Voltage Protection of 2.4V; in short, you can raise the voltage to up to 2.4V without compromising the OCZ Lifetime warranty. The 4GB kit has a lower voltage of 2.1V with EVP of 2.2V. 

The most important thing is the price. According to the K&M Elektronik site, the 1GB module will cost €39,99, while the 2GB kit will cost €79,99. The 2GB single module will cost €98,99, while the high end 4GB kit will be sold for €190,09. It looks like the OCZ will offer the really nice memory specs for a reasonable price.

The modules will probably be available sometime next week, but that price and those latencies are certainly worth waiting for. You can check them here.

The OCZ PC2-6400 XTC Titanium 2 GB kit

The OCZ PC2-6400 XTC Titanium 4 GB kit


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