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Super Talent launches Project X DDR3

by on13 September 2007


Fastest DDR3 from Super Talent


Super Talent Technology has announced that its praised Project X DDR3 memory kits will be available immediately. We wrote about some of the new projects from Super Talent here, and we would definitely like to see that design implemented with the DDR3 memory.

Project X will represent the top end offer from Super Talent. The mentioned kits are developed in Super Talent's Silicon Valley Engineering Labs, and it combines highest memory clocks and tight latencies. The interesting thing are those mean looking heat spreaders. According to Super Talent, they feature 106% more aluminum mass then standard heat spreaders and they also have Super Talent's special thermal adhesive that should in combination with the new heat spreaders provide superior heat dissipation.

Every kit is made from the carefully screened and tested DRAM chips, which are then hand tested as a kit on a Asus P5K3 Deluxe motherboard. Currently there are two models available, both as a 2GB (2x1024MB) kit. The first one, W1800UX2GP, works at 1800MHz and 7-7-7-21 latencies at 2.0V. The second kit runs at lower 1600MHz but has a tighter 7-6-6-18 latencies, and works at 1.8V.

Both kits come with a lifetime warranty and should retail for $599 and $559 respectively.



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