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Kingston launches CL5 DDR3 memory

by on13 July 2007

Fastest DDR3 so far

Kingston has announced it's latest HyperX modules, the KHX11000D3UL, which is the fastet DDR3 modules to date with a memory timing of CAS latency of 5.

The modules are clocket at 1,375MHz and will be available as single 1GB modules or as 2GB kits made up of two modules.

These new modules got to the be ideal partners for Intel's upcoming X38 chipset, although they should already be eyeballed by keen overclockers.

The downside is that a single 1GB module will cost in the region of $400, that's $125 more than what Kingston is charging for its KHX11000D3LL CAS 7 modules. The dual channel kit will cost around $800.
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