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Intel to stop using FB-DIMMs?

by on05 July 2007

Moving to cheaper options for low end servers

It seems like Intel had decided to move away from hot and costly FB-DIMM modules in entry level servers if information posted at Digitimes proves to be correct. According to the information, the upcoming 5100-series (San Clemente) server/workstation dual socket chipset will drop support for FB-DIMM memory in favour for normal registered DIMMs.

This seems like a sensible move by Intel, but more so as Intel wants to push its V8 dual CPU high-end gaming platform that has a lot in common with its entry level workstation/server platforms. By using normal registered DIMMs the cost should be vastly reduced and it would make the V8 platform a viable option for gamers.

Intel has not officially commented on this information and it's not clear if Intel is considering moving away from FB-DIMMs on its high-end server and workstation platforms with more than two CPU sockets.

However, Digitimes recons that with the Nehalem and its integrated memory controller, Intel might move away from FB-DIMMs across the board.

You can read the original article here

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