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Former HP boss goes to Fox business

by on10 October 2007


Carly turns journalist


Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of HP has signed up to contribute toFox News' soon-to-launch business news channel. Fox has not said exactly what she would be doing, only that she would be a "contributor".

HP fired Fiorina in February 2005 amid concern that benefits from her hard-won $24.2 billion acquisition of Compaq in 2002 were not materializing quickly enough.

She walked away with $21 million and wrote a book last year of her best-selling memoir, "Tough Choices."

Fiorina said in a press release that she's "pleased to have the opportunity to continue to speak out on issues of vital concern to our economy and our nation.''

Despite the controversy concerning her departure from HP, many analysts agree that she deserves much credit for HP's recent successes.

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