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Patriot to launch DDR 2 10100

by on30 May 2007


Get ready for DDR3 as well

Patriot plans to introduce its fastest DDR2 memory to date branded as PC2-10100 that should work at 1,262.5 MHz out of the box.

We hope that this memory will be able to hit 1,333 MHz as this is all we want from DDR2 memory. The company also plans to unveil some DDR3 modules at 1,066 and 1,333, both at Computex as this is when the P35 and G33 officially gets introduced.

Samples of PC2-10100 should be ready just a week or two after Computex, so in worst case scenario by the end of the June, we can all just hope. 

Last modified on 30 May 2007
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