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Kingston holds 16.7 percent of memory modules market

by on26 March 2007
Corsair 3.6 and OCZ doesnt even shows up


We had a chance to get some date from Isupply market research company and we were shocked to learn the real numbers. The iSuppli study includes memory manufacturers (like Kingston) and memory resellers (non-manufacturers) but not the memory chip manufacturers such as Samsung.

This number excludes all flash memory revenues and all the OEM deals. It indicates that the real figures would be even better for big players such as Kingston.

Kingston has a massive 16.7 percent of third party market share. That is the best number for a thirty party memory manufacture and more then 300 percent better than anyone else in the league. Smart holds 5.5 percent, A-Data 5.1 Percent, Crucial 4.7, Apacer 4.0, MA Labs 3.9 percent and Ramaxel 3.7 percent.

Then we have a very recognizable brand Corsair with its 3.6 percent, Wintec 2.8 and a shocker that PNY, a graphic company sells 2.8 percent of memory. Kingmarx holds 2.6 percent and Transcend has 2.6 percent of market.

All the other manufacturers that including OCZ, Patriot, Supertalent, Geil and all the others are in the remaining 42 percent but in any case less than 2 percent of the overall market.

All in all Kingston is the biggest independent memory manufacturer. Here is the





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