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Corsair's new USB sticks

by on18 March 2007


CEBIT 2007: They look awesome

    Corsair has a new line up of specially designed USB sticks. The first one is named Survivor, and it comes in two flavours – the ordinary one and the faster GT. The main feature of this aluminum made stick is that it can withstand severe mechanical abuse. In theory, you can use it underwater at 200 meters below sea level. They will available in 4 and 8 GB of capacity.




The second one is for the one who fears that someone might find out their little secrets from their memory stick. This one, named PADLOCK, has a special keyboard, which allows you to set a password. If you want to use the stick, you have 20 seconds to enter the password. Otherwise, if you don't enter, or enter the incorrect one, Windows won't even see the drive at all. The drive hasn't got any lockout mechanism or master code, so there is no limit in number of attempts to enter the right key. 



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