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Sandy Bridge 32 nm CPU comes in 2010

by on26 September 2007


Intel's real next generation


Intel has revealed at least the codenames of its next big step. After Nehalem, which is scheduled for late 2008, at some point in 2009 Intel will release its Westmere CPU that will be Nehalem shrinked to 32 nanometre.

After that, probably at some point in 2010, Intel will release a brand new marchitecture, again based on 32 nanometre and codenamed Sandy Bridge. At some point in 2011 Sandy Bridge will be its 22 nanometre part and in 2012 there will be a new part again based on the brand new architecture.

This is of course the scenario in case if Intel keeps up with its plans and history thought us that this is very hard in the semi conductor business.

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