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Yorkfield runs at 3.4GHz non OC

by on21 September 2007


IDF 2007:
Quad core can do even more

Intel's 45 nanometre quad core codenamed Yorkfield runs at speeds of up to 3.4GHz and Intel can ship this part tomorrow. Sources have confirmed that with some tweaks the core can do even more and with some overclocking even 4GHz should not be hard to reach.

We've seen the 4GHz part with phase change cooler, but this part didn't need any voltage tweaks which means with most of the cores and higher voltage you should be able to hit 4GHz even with air cooling.

The 3.6 to 3.8GHz should be easy and even if AMD comes with 3GHz Barcelona this year we sincerely doubt that this chip can beat the 3.4GHz Yorkfield.



Last modified on 21 September 2007
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