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K10 Rev 2 F is the mass production one

by on18 September 2007


IDF 2007:
Comes this year

It looks like AMD miraculous Revision 2 of K10 finally got its production candidate. Revision 2 was the first that enable K10 to go over 3GHz and it finally got its production revision.

K10 Rev2 F will be out before Xmas time and you might be surprised by the final clocks of Barcelona and Phenome's. The 3GHz is the holly grail and we don't believe it would be that hard for AMD to hit these speeds or even surpass them this year.

Even if AMD launch 3GHz Intel can launch 3.4 if not even faster Quad core and we believe that this would put Intel in the lead again and not to mention SEE4 advantage that Intel has.

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