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Athlon II C3 stepping coming soon

by on06 April 2010


Nine revamped parts

AMD is
readying nine new Athlon II processor based on the C3 core revision. The refreshed CPUs won't bring major performance boosts, but they could deliver lower thermals and better oveclocking potential.

CPU World has posted several images of the new processors, along with part numbers. Three dual-core Athlons, 245, 250 and 255, as well as three triple-cores, 405e, 435 and 440, will feature the new stepping.

Quad Athlon IIs are probably the most interesting of the lot. AMD will use the new stepping on 605e, 630 and 635 processors, but there will be no new revisions of 620 and 600e CPUs, which are quite appealing due to their low price.

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