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Cedarview 2011 ATOM CPU to be faster than Pineview

by on25 November 2009


10 to 15 percent

Pineview, 2010 Atom D410 and D510 for nettops really won't be any faster than current Atom 230 and 330 all hopes were up expecting that Atom in 2011 codenamed Cedarview-D will get some significant speed increase.

Considering the fact that Cedarview-D is a 32nm design, we would expect quite an increase in clock speed, but Intel claims that you should expect five to ten more CPU performance. The key argument to justify this rather disappointing performance increase is the fact that they claim that they managed to improve the CPU performance at a lower power envelope.

Remember the new Cedar trail-D platform promises sub-10W consumption for the whole platform, which in the computing world sounds like a small miracle, but in the handheld market the numbers are at least 10 times if not more higher than they should be. 

So, even in 2011, Atom won't be much faster than the one that was launched in late 2008, but it will have a smaller form factor and a lower TDP. 

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