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AMD readies new duals and Rana triple cores

by on16 October 2009


Ranas at 3.1GHz, 45W Regors

AMD will
soon launch several Rana-based tri-cores and power efficient Regor-based dual-cores, all Athlon II branded.

So far we know of three Rana CPUs, Athlon II X3 425 at 2.7GHz, 435 at 2.9GHz and 445 at 3.1GHz. They all feature 3x512kB of L2 cache, but like Propus quads, they have no L3 cache at all. This should have a very positive effect on the price, and it seems prices will start at just over €50 for the cheapest 2.7GHz version. This sounds like pretty good value for money, and the only thing to complain about is the rather high, 95W TDP. If power consumption is a big issue for you, at some point AMD will launch 400e and 405e versions, clocked at 2.2GHz and 2.3GHz.

The Regor dual-core family will also get a couple of power efficient parts, the 235e and 240e, clocked at 2.7GHz and 2.8GHz, both with a lukewarm 45W TDP. We're not sure about the pricing though, but if regular Regor pricing is anything to go by, they will end up quite cheap.
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