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1,600MHz only with XMP on X48

by on04 October 2007

Limited to two DIMMs

If this block diagram from a Taiwanese blog is correct, then the X48 chipset will only support XMP DIMM's at 1,600MHz. This means that anyone that wants to get the most out of this upcoming chipset is going to have to fork out some extra cash on memory.

Not only that, but the chipset seems to be limited to using only two DIMM's at this speed and the memory voltage is very high for DDR3 memory at 1.8V.

We're not sure what the accelerator card that's mentioned by the x4 PCIe slot is at the moment, but will try to find out more about this and get back to you when we have an answer.

The rest of the features don't look any different from the X38 and as the X48 is just a "refresh" of the X38 this was kind of expected.

You can find the original post here in Chinese

Last modified on 04 October 2007
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