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Nvidia 780i on the 12th of November

by on01 October 2007

And possibly other Nvidia products

TechConnect Magazine is reporting that the upcoming Nvidia 780i chipset is meant to be launching on the 12th of Novmeber and it might be joined by the G92 and G98 graphics products.

The new chipset will support 1,066 and 1,333MHz FSB, but there's no word on 1,600MHz support. We're not so sure about the fact that it will only support DDR2 memory, as it seems odd to us that Nvidia wouldn't have added DDR3 for Intel's latest processors.

According to TechConnect we won't see DDR3 support from Nvidia until Q1 2008, but time will tell if this is the case or not.

The 780i is also meant to have support for up to three x16 PCI Express slots, all with full bandwidth for the possibility of Nvidia actually releasing drivers for three-way SLI.

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