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Celeron E1600 coming soon

by on08 October 2008


2.4GHz clock, 12x multiplier

We already
wrote about upcoming Intel CPUs, including the Celeron E1500, here. These babies are set to launch on November 30th, but we're still not sure if the Celeron E1600 will join them, too.

The E1600 is also an Allendale-based part. It's clocked at 2.4GHz, FSB 800 and the multiplier is set at 12. Basically, this means it should overclock like a bat out of hell, and you probably won't even need a pricey board to get some impressive OC scores.

Previous dual-core Celerons launched at $53 a piece, but we're not sure about this one. The E1500 is coming November 30th, at $53, so we're guessing the E1600 will appear in early 2009 at the same price point.

Last modified on 09 October 2008
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