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Two triple-core Phenom X3 8x00s launched

by on27 March 2008


Modest 2.3GHz i 2.1GHz

AMD has launched its Phenom X3 8x00 tri-core CPUs and they should shortly be available. It is a Q1 product and why not launch it in the second to the last day of the quarter?

The good thing about this product is that it performs almost as well as a quad-core, and as it has three working cores it will certainly cost less.

You can check our small review of Phenom X3 8600 at 2.3GHZ here.

Phenom X3 is nothing more than K10 with one core disabled, but AMD believes that this CPU has a great future, especially when paired with AMD 780G chipset.

Phenom X3 8400 works at 2.1GHz, while Phenom X3 8600 works at 2.3GHz and both of them are clearly B2 revision; but at these clocks, there is no bug that can affect your work.

These CPUs should be available shortly and ZT Systems will be the first to launch The ZT Affinity 5202Zi system powered by Phenom X3 8400 Triple-core. The launch is timed for March 31 at 10PM EDT, indeed the last day of Q1 2008.

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