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Phenom B3 to ship this week

by on25 March 2008


Up to 2.5GHz

A good way to fix your stock price is to surprise the market, and this is exactly what AMD plans to do. We learned that as of this week AMD plans to start shipping its Phenom B3 revision; and shortly the company plans to launch 2.4 and 2.5GHz parts. The new revision fixes the unpleasant TLB L3 cache bug and lets the company go a bit higher than 2.3GHz.

Back in November 2007 AMD representatives informed Fudzilla that the Phenom B3 would launch in Q1, but in January other representatives said that we would have to wait until early Q2 before we would see the B3 revision cores. Normally, when a company says Q2 it means late rather than early, but I guess that this time AMD really did mean early Q2.

Samples of the B3 core were out in March and AMD showcased it to many VIP's at CeBIT, but from this week the company will start to ship them into the market.

This news, together with the layoffs, will bring a smile to investor and shareholder faces. We do feel for the people that will get a layoff letter from Hector, but this is the unpleasant reality of AMD in late March – early April 2008.

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