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Nehalem has 8MB of L3, 4x256KB L2

by on19 March 2008


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We have already told you a lot about Nehalem, but let me repeat some of the information. It is a scalable design and it can come as two to eight-core product.

The first to come will be a four-core unit that will share 8MB of total cache. Compared to Deneb, AMD's 45nm quad-core, Nehalem has 2MB more cache, but less L2 cache.

Nehalem has 256KB of L2 cache per core and 32KB cache for data and 32KB of L1 cache for instructions per core while Deneb has double of that or 512KB of L2 and 2x64KB L1 cache.

This is what it looks like, and let’s just hope that Intel won't run into a TLB problem. Well, if they do, they can always ask AMD how to fix it, at least they know how to do that by now.



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