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Intel has more 45nm problems than admitted

by on25 February 2008



Poor production throughout Q1 2008

AMD has to keep its mouth closed about Intel’s 45nm transition problems, as it has a lot of TBL and clock related problems of its own. While Intel managed to master the 65nm production and now moves to 45nm, AMD still struggles with its issues on the 65nm and has a rough road to 45nm transition ahead.

Intel informed its channel partners to expect only a few 45nm desktop quad-cores in Q1 2008 while the situation should get better in Q2 and beyond. The dual-core 45nm are a bit easier to get, but it doesn’t look great, as only two SKUs are really available and it is hard to buy them.

Intel advised retailers to simply swap their 45nm orders with 65nm dual-cores until further notice and until there are healthier volumes. Intel did ship a bit better quantity of 45nm dual and quad parts of the server side, but not too much on the desktop side.

We are sure that Intel will officially say that this has to be a “strategic move” or something ridiculous like that, while we all know that it would be better for Intel and its customers to switch to 45nm as fast as they can.

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