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Intel's Penryn 45nm on hold

by on21 January 2008


It doesn’t need to launch

Intel is working hard to launch its Skulltrail dual quad core platform, and at this time it doesn’t want to sample quad or dual core 45nm CPUs. The reason is simple: AMD doesn’t have anything to compete with its 65nm parts, especially in the high-end and performance segment.

Intel has been dominant in the CPU arena for more than a year and AMD competes against it only with low prices. Phenom failed to be phenomenal, but it still has a chance once AMD re-launches it.

Intel’s biggest problem is that once the 45nm benchmarks and overclocking performance go out, it will severely damage the sales of the existing Merom 65nm and Yorkfield 45nm processors. Of its total CPU shipments in Q1 Intel plans to ship about six percent of its 45nm parts and it cannot do much better than that.

In Q2 2008 the market share of 45nm parts will increase, and we are off for a slow transition. Benchmarks are still a bit away, but don’t be fooled; Intel can release these CPUs today, but it wants to ride the 65nm wave as long as it can. In case AMD shapes up fast, which is very unlikely, Intel is set to launch 45nm Penryn CPUs in a few days.

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