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Core 2 Extreme 9775 goes to 4.4GHz

by on21 January 2008


Air / water cooled

We saw a machine back at OCZ's booth that had Skulltrail cooled all the way to 4.4GHz. You can get this with air or water cooling, but water is better, just to be on the safe side. Core 2 Extreme 9650 was limited to speeds just above 4.0 GHZ.

This shows the overclocking potential of Core 2 Extreme 45nm 9775 CPUs. Intel knows that once the 45nm parts are released it will severely hurt the sales of its 65nm, as the new ones will be much better overclockers.

Core 2 Duo / Quad 65nm are already great overclockers, but this market always wants more and it will embrace the faster 45nm parts faster than you can imagine. The reason is simple, 45nm parts will overclock much better and they will cost about the same.

It’s simply great to be Intel today, despite its stock price. However, we wouldn’t be worried that much, as 2008 looks like another year of dominance by Intel.

Last modified on 22 January 2008
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