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Intel to introduce new Montevina SKUs

by on11 January 2008

Lower power and smaller form factors

According to a post on Digitimes, Intel is working on two additional SKUs of Montevina-based processors which will go under the P and S moniker. The P is for a new lower power mobile part that ends up between the T and L-series.

The new P-series has a TDP range of between 20 to 29W, compared to 30 to 39W for the T-series. It doesn't come close to the L-series, which is as low as 12W, but goes up to 19W. This should be an interesting part to watch, as it should offer reasonable performance and improved batterly life and it should allow for some slimmer notebook designs without the extra heat you would normally get from a T-series CPU.

The S-series will come in three different models: the SP, the SL and finally the SU. These CPUs will aparently use a smaller package size and target smaller notebooks. The SP will have the same TDP design as the P, with the SL and SU meeting the TDP design of the current L and U models.

It will be interesting to see what kind of devices will use these new CPUs, but the question is also how small you can make a notebook before it becomes unusable.

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