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AMD's mobile in 2008 is still K8 based

by on14 December 2007


Puma platform meets Griffin CPU

The biggest
disappointment of 2008 will be AMD's plan for mobile computing. The new Griffin CPU is an improved dual core Turion with 1MB per core, and it will have an optimized memory controller for mobile computing, power optimized Hypertransport 3.0 and naturally enhanced PowerNow machitectecture.

It comes in AMD's well-known S1 socket and it will be supported by the RS780M chipset and SB 700 Southbridge. The platform will use M8X graphics, and it will have a support for hybrid graphics.

This is the only "mobile" chipset that AMD plans for 2008, and it should last until Swift unified GPU meets CPU platform codenamed Shrike shows up.

Core 2 duo, even at 65nm, clearly wins over this platform, but we guess AMD can always set the better price and cause some competition.

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