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Triple core Phenoms in February

by on30 November 2007


2.3 and 2.5GHz


According to Digitimes, AMD plans to introduce triple core Phenom CPUs in February and the first dual core Phenoms are expected to appear in late Q2.

The triple core Phenom 7600 and 7700 parts should be clocked at 2.3 and 2.5GHz respectively, however these might clocks seem a bit odd, since the first quad core Phenoms are clocked at 2.2 and 2.3GHz.

However, the bug which has postponed the 2.4GHz 9700 launch will be fixed in the new revision, and these CPUs will use the new revision, at least the ones that go over 2.4GHz. The TDP for triple core Phenoms should be 89W. The clocks for dual core 6250 and 6050 parts are still unknown, but the TDP should be 65W.

On the low end, AMD will introduce a new single core Athlon LE-1640 CPU (Lima core) in January, with faster incarnations coming in Q2. A new LE-1300 Sparta based Sempron clocked at 2.3GHz should show its face in Q1.

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