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Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 unboxed, tested

by on12 November 2007

Comes with a new cooler

An Xfastest forum member has gotten his hands on a retail boxed version of Intel's soon-to-be-launched Core 2 Extreme QX9650 processors based on the 45nm Yorkfield core. Of course, we posted our reviews of the same CPU some two weeks ago, here.

This is a quad core CPU clocked at 3GHz, with a total of 12MB of L2 cache running at 1,333MHz bus. This is the first retail packaged processor we've seen and it looks like they've gotten it from a Taiwanese PC manufacturer that goes under the name, Genuine.

The new CPU does, indeed, come with a new CPU cooler and it is the same one that pictures were leaked of some two weeks ago. The cooler looks huge on the pictures posted and it's the bulk of the kit inside the box.

The overclocking ability of these new CPUs looks promising with this unit hitting 4GHz without any problems at all. The benchmark numbers are a bit lacking, especially as it seems that whomever tested the CPU only had access to an 8500 GT graphics card.

Still, the new CPU managed to run 1M Super PI in 11.797 seconds and 32M Super PI in 11min 52.719 seconds at 4GHz.

You can check out a lot of pictures here.
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