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Intel releases 45 nanometer chips today

by on12 November 2007


40 percent more transistors

is expected to release its newest generation of 45 nanometer processors today.

The company is expected to start shipping 16 new microprocessors with 820 million transistors on board, compared with the 582 million transistors on the same chips built using the current standard technology. As a mark of how far we have come, when Intel first released its chips in the 1970s they had just 2,300 transistors.

Today, we are expecting to see server chips with frequencies of 2 gigahertz to 3.20 gigahertz for the quad-core models, which have four processing engines. The clock speed for dual-core models, which have two processing engines, goes up to 3.40 gigahertz. The measurements refer to the chips' processing cycles, or how fast they can process information.

The server chips will sell for US$177 to $1279 in quantities of 1,000. The gaming chip will cost US$999 in quantities of 1,000. Intel said all the processors would be available within 45 days.

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