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AMD Phenom won't hit 2.6GHz until 2008

by on08 November 2007

65nm production issues

According to Digitimes, AMD is having some problems hitting high clock speeds of the upcoming Phenom processors and although this isn't big news in itself, it seems like we won't see a 2.6GHz part until next year.

There will aparently only be two launch parts as well, the 2.2GHz 9500 and the 2.3GHz 9600, with the 2.4GHz 9700 arriving some time in December.

AMD needs to step up and sort our these production issues as soon as possible, as if the leaked benchmark figures we've seen are anything to go by Intel doesn't have a lot to worry about.

Hopefully, AMD is just having some initial issues with its 65nm production process, but we really hoped to see more competitive parts from AMD at launch.

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Last modified on 09 November 2007
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