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Barcelona BA hits retail

by on06 November 2007


1.7 and 1.8GHz

Believe it or not, almost two months after its introduction you can actually buy a Barcelona K10 CPU.

We will give AMD a bit of a break, as most of the CPUs first went to OEMs. But it still took them a hell of a lot of effort to get these chips ready for retail. Currently, you can buy only 1.70GHz and 1.80GHz parts at €200+ prices. The most important part is that both chips are stepping BA that we have mentioned so many times.

The faster 1.8GHz part is known as
AMD Opteron 2346 HE Socket-F tray, 4x 1.80GHz, 4x 512kB Cache, 2MB shared L3-Cache (OS2346PAL4BGE) and the least expensive one we’ve found will cost €216.66 + shipping.

AMD claims 68W Thermal design power for this rather modestly clocked quad core CPU.

The 1.7GHz CPU branded as AMD Opteron 2344 HE Socket-F tray, 4x 1.70GHz, 4x 512kB Cache, 2MB shared L3-Cache (OS2344PAL4BGE) is available at one place for €211.05 + shipping.

You can buy 1.8GHz K10 here and 1.7GHz here.

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