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Only 5-6% of Intel CPUs in January will be 45nm

by on25 October 2007


Roadmap: 6 percent QC and 5 each for C2D and Mobile

Intel made a lot of noise about 45 nanometer, but now it looks like Intel won’t have such a smooth transition from 65 nanometer to 45nm. The chips are fine, but it will take much longer than many of us expected.

In January 2008 Intel will try to have about 6 percent of its total quad core production done in 45 nanometer and it will try to increase the production rate and hit 25 percent of total shipments in February. In March it will have a healthy 50 percent of all quad cores done in 45 nanometre process.

The situation is not as good with the Core 2 Duo 45 nanometer part that's codenamed Yorkfield. In January, Intel plans to ship 45 nanometer parts, but only 5 percent of the total CPU shipments will be 45nm while the remaining 95 percent will remain at 65 nm. In February, Intel hopes to get this number up to 10 percent, while in March the company plans to have 25 percent of all of its shipments as 45 nanometer based Wolfdale E8xxx series CPUs.

The mobile 45 nm Core 2 Duo will also take some 5 percent of Intel's total shipments in January, about 15 percent of the fab output in February, probably due to the notebook refresh cycle and in March, Intel hopes to reach the magical 25 percent.

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