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QX9775 and 9770 at 3.2GHz to launch in Q1

by on23 October 2007


Roadmap: FSB 1600 and 3.2GHz

Intel plans ti release two new CPUs in Q1 2008 and both will have the same FSB and clock speed. Both QX9775 and 9770 will work with FSB1600 and will end up at 3.2GHz.

They have 12MB cache memory and each supports four threads and four cores. The only difference is that QX9775 supports socket 771 and will be used for Skulltrail, while QX9770 is the fastest desktop part for the X48 chipset.

These two CPUs will take over the performance crown from soon-to-be-launched QX9650 that will work at 3GHz with FSB 1333.

Last modified on 24 October 2007
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