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AMD to change its CPU names again

by on09 October 2007

X marks the spot

According to VR-Zone, AMD is to change its CPU names once more before the launch of the upcoming Phenom series of processors. Gone is the X2 and X4 moniker and so is the LS, GS and GP model codes.

The new names have aparently been made up to simplify things after too many of AMD's customers complained about the new naming structure that cause a lot of confusion.

So instead we now have the quad core Phenom 9-series, the tri-core Phenom 7-series, the dual core Athlon 6-series (yes you read that right), and finally the single core Athlon LE-1 and Sempron LE-1 series.

Everyone got that? Crystal clear? We're not sure what happened to the 8-series, but at least the Phenom FX is still the Phenom FX.

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